Living Unplugged


In the matter of two weeks my washing machine, car alternator, computer and camera broke. Thank God for Holy Yoga! These are the times we take our practice off our mat and breathe. As a stay-at-home momma of two boys under four, wife of very busy husband who owns Five Loaves Café and Sesame, and part time yoga teacher, I couldn’t help but have a pity party and thought, “If one more thing breaks, I think I am going to break too!”

True test of character is revealed in the midst of stress. An unknown author wrote, “Peace doesn’t mean to be free from noise, hard work, or trouble, but it means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart.” Despite the inconvenience and frustration, the light bulb goes off inside that I can’t change my circumstances, but I CAN change my mind about them. These external sources which we need of course to make our lives run efficiently when removed teach us something about our reliance on our internal source and humility in asking others for help. If none of those things had broken, I would have missed out on the humbling opportunities of bringing my clothes to a friend’s to wash, or receive rides home with my kids, and experience the willingness of those around me to lend a helping hand.

So what does life look like when the things we rely on daily are removed? It can become a living experience off the mat of withdrawal (pratyahara), the fifth limb of the yoga which is part of the Eight Limb path to wellness. I refer to it as the “AA”approach to yoga. I personally realized how much unnecessary time I spent on the computer and how living unplugged allowed me more precious present time with my loved ones. A check here and check there of emails, Facebook, etc., add up and this time has been truly enlightening in the fact that it is much easier to live without something then it is to live with something and create boundaries. The first limb of yoga Yama means “restraint.” MMMMMMM….The challenge is now: can we live unplugged and be plugged in at all times? “We can through Christ who strengthens us.” So refreshing to know that in our weakness, He is The Source of Strength. It is through the noise, hard work and trouble that we experience deeper spaces of gratitude and thanksgiving for all that is.

Peace and Health,

Rachel Glowacki, RYT

5 Daily Invitations to live unplugged

1. Avoid cell phone use while driving… (I know. So hard!) Commit to at least one route a day and observe your commitment.

2. Depending on your profession, consider what works best for you and discipline self to a daily AM and PM time of checking e-mails, Facebook, Twitter, and surfing the net.

3. When we look at the clock, may it remind us that The Creator Himself is the author of all time.

4. When our phone batteries run out, call on the Lord.

5. Find a silent yoga class or create one at home that moves to the rhythm of the breath instead of music.

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