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Holy Yoga-PMS!

Embrace the Time of the Month, Ladies! A majority of women can relate to the time of the month right before their menstrual period, where irritability, anxiety, depression, and cravings for sweet and salty foods are extremely heightened.  There is an awareness of water retention in the body, perhaps bloating, acne, and fatigue.  Yes–PMS! I [...]

Healthy Technology for Your Kids

A team of mothers,writers and artists have put together the very first kid yoga application for the iPad. Based on the original yoga lesson plan written by Rachel Glowacki (M-HYI), children can learn and practice yoga at their own pace. In this fast growing tech world, it’s an engaging tool that helps guide children toward making healthy [...]

What is the Goal?

The infamous question this week….yes, you got it! “SO what is your New Year’s resolution?” My response this year is I don’t have one. My hope is that I continue to be more aware, conscious and mostly present in whatever I am doing, from being with my family and friends to eating a meal. The [...]

Prayers and Poses

“Tis the season to go crazy…. fa la la la la la la la la!”  Thanksgiving is over and the lights are on and out everywhere, the rush has started and in the craze of worrying about gifts, cards, family and how to afford the gifts can easily put us in a bad mood. BUT [...]

Living Unplugged

In the matter of two weeks my washing machine, car alternator, computer and camera broke. Thank God for Holy Yoga! These are the times we take our practice off our mat and breathe. As a stay-at-home momma of two boys under four, wife of very busy husband who owns Five Loaves Café and Sesame, and [...]

Enhancing Personal Beliefs and Faith with Yoga

Namaste Yogis and Yoginis! It is an honor to be a part of a community that embraces all styles of yoga and support for one another. Regardless of what style we choose, yoga is about yoking and creating union, so wherever we are creating unity within and out, we are experiencing the fullness of yoga. [...]