Dec 15 2010

Family Yoga!

Willis Tant

There is a class at Jivamukti Yoga on Sundays at noon that is called Family Yoga.  It is intended to be for all people of all ages and can be shared by any and all family members.  The teachings are simple and useful, there is a sense of fun, and songs that help students easily learn the movements.

It is my favorite class that I have the honor of teaching.  I am often so touched by family togetherness that I am moved to tears.  There have been students who bring in their sisters who visit from out of town, there have been father-son moments, and grandparents and small children who delight us all.  But most regular has been one family, who, come almost every Sunday, because they make it THEIR Family time.  Their time to BE and grow together!  Their time to stretch, and breathe, and SEE each other.  Often they go on a picnic or to the beach or even to the grocery store together afterwards.  But for that one hour, every Sunday, they practice together.   I revel in their beauty every week. 

Last Sunday they were telling me how they invite other families to join them, how they spread the word because they have experienced such value from the practice together.  They inspire me and I am so grateful to their dedication and enthusiasm.  They humble me and are a living example of light.  So may this, my first blog, be a sincere offering to this family who has shown me so much love.  Thank you. 

And thank you for coming to practice yoga together in my presence so many times over.  We invite more Charleston yoga families to join us! And look forward to growing, being, and seeing you more often.

Jan 11 2010

Yoga As It Applies To Me

Sarah Finn

For me, yoga is a practice.  It is not a performance, not an on-again-off-again thing, nor is it perfect. In this practice I have found a lifestyle–a way of moving and flowing and being that keeps me and my ego in checkity-check mode! 

We all have them–egos that is.  But what do we do with them?  To me, humility is huge.  Humility is being brought to my knees after falling down a time or twenty in handstand and getting back up.  It is coming right back to my mat with a smile and tear after my mother’s death, expressing that loss in the form of movement and receiving energy from the practice.  It’s moving deeper into my faith after many sleepless nights, on hands and knees in deep prayer and meditation after a longtime relationship fell apart, then picking up the pieces (or lessons) from it all, understanding and taking what I need from that moment, inhaling a deep breath, then moving on.  Most can relate…right? 

I believe yoga should be accessible to all types of hearts, souls, bodies, and minds.  Many of us start our yoga journey on the mat…we then take the choice of conscious movement and intention and apply it to other areas of life–eating, socializing, sharing, speaking, loving, and connecting.  On the mat, we deepen our understanding of compassion for ourselves and then dedicate that same expression of compassion to the rest of the world as a whole.  Personally, if I come to class and take care of myself, then once I roll my mat up and go back out onto the street and see someone who needs a hand, a dollar, a ride, or a meal, I feel more open to give.  And in turn, when I am down, I feel deserving of receiving that same love. 

Power Yoga also pushes me to my edge, takes me right out of my comfort zone and challenges me. This too is a HUGE help in my life off the mat.  When I am in a situation that is uncomfortable or challenging, I no longer run away or get pissed off, but rather breath and see the lesson in it all.

The practice of yoga is so humbling and beautiful and whole.  Yoga can touch all areas of our lives, leading to a greater understanding of liberation from attachment, faith, connectedness, love, and so much more.  I believe a strong dedication to the physical practice–every day on the mat, moving energy and cleaning out the body–is a huge tool in creating a sense of balance and well being.  I really could go on and on, however, I have a class to get too so with that being said… I hope to see you on the mat soon or on the street for a chat and hug! 


Namaste People!

Sarah Finn

Charleston Power Yoga

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Oct 2 2009

Teacher Training in Park City, Utah with Baron Baptiste!!!

Sarah Finn

What an amazing journey of surrender, strength, sweat, and flexibility in mind, body, and soul. Allison Zimmerman, Angela Finley, and myself (Sarah Finn) all had the pleasure of traveling up to beautiful Park City, Utah last week to move and shake things up with Baron and his team of wonderful assistants. The City is so beautiful , earthy, and coooool! Baron kept things heated and fun… we learned how to “stay liquid” while still being rooted and grounded in our space. The biggest take-away for me was about surrender… after the 12th full wheel and 157th time jumping into handstands it finally hit me.. “stop trying to guess whats coming next and control things… ride this wave… be here now.. and surrender into the energy that is! Its not a “work-out” but a “work-in”… I had more energetic shifts in my body in this one weekend then I have had in the past year…no joke! AMAZING!”. Allison says her “intention is to inspire the students to come to class and find true health and sense of wholeness. And my biggest take away is “if you can, you MUST!” and “If not now, when? If not you, who?” And the frog kicks for Handstand!! Loved them!! =)”!!! Angela really resonated with all the inspiring talk of breath and letting go… she too loved all the challenging 3 hour practices and the sweat and flow that came with them! For MORE come check out our classes at Charleston Power Yoga… sure to inspire and lift you up and out of your comfort zone and into a place where energetic shifts happen organically! See ya on the mat!

Sarah Ashley Finn, RYT
Charleston Power Yoga
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