Dec 15 2010

Family Yoga!

Willis Tant

There is a class at Jivamukti Yoga on Sundays at noon that is called Family Yoga.  It is intended to be for all people of all ages and can be shared by any and all family members.  The teachings are simple and useful, there is a sense of fun, and songs that help students easily learn the movements.

It is my favorite class that I have the honor of teaching.  I am often so touched by family togetherness that I am moved to tears.  There have been students who bring in their sisters who visit from out of town, there have been father-son moments, and grandparents and small children who delight us all.  But most regular has been one family, who, come almost every Sunday, because they make it THEIR Family time.  Their time to BE and grow together!  Their time to stretch, and breathe, and SEE each other.  Often they go on a picnic or to the beach or even to the grocery store together afterwards.  But for that one hour, every Sunday, they practice together.   I revel in their beauty every week. 

Last Sunday they were telling me how they invite other families to join them, how they spread the word because they have experienced such value from the practice together.  They inspire me and I am so grateful to their dedication and enthusiasm.  They humble me and are a living example of light.  So may this, my first blog, be a sincere offering to this family who has shown me so much love.  Thank you. 

And thank you for coming to practice yoga together in my presence so many times over.  We invite more Charleston yoga families to join us! And look forward to growing, being, and seeing you more often.

Aug 13 2009

A warm welcome from Charleston Yogi!



Hello and welcome to!  We are so excited to introduce this resource to the Lowcountry yoga community, and are happy that you found us!  Are you ready to enhance your yoga lifestyle?

We both know how quickly those day planners can fill up, and how easy it can be to let your yoga regimine slip through the cracks.  That is why we created this site: to make finding the right yoga class at the right time as quick and easy as possible!

So go ahead–click around, see what we have to offer! Not only does Charleston Yogi unite all local studio schedules into one, but we are also here to educate!  We want you to know all about the latest yoga trends and don’t want you to miss out on any exciting yoga events this city has to offer.  And be sure to check back regularly, as we’ll be filling your brains with tips, secrets, recipes and stories  from our local health, fitness and yoga experts who will be blogging with us! 

New to yoga and nervous to give it a try? That’s okay!  We’re here to help!  Under “Yoga Basics” you’ll find everything you need to know to get started!  From descriptions of the different styles of yoga to what to bring to your first class…it’s all in there!  We’ve even included a list of studios that offer free community classes or a free class for first-timers.  By taking advantage of these opportunities, you can explore the Charleston yoga community and find the style of yoga that is right for you without a dime out of your pocket!

So whether you’re a regular yoga junkie, a newbie, or even just a health nut, this is the site for you!  A stronger, healthier and more peaceful you is just a click away!

Peace, love and yoga,

Kara and Megan